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It's a Spring Thing!

>> Saturday, March 21, 2009

by Sue W.

Welcome to the 2nd day of spring! I hope the weather is cooperating wherever you are - it is here in Connecticut and it difinitely got me in the mood! I think it's working for everyone because I'm seeing a lot of pink and purple lately.

What's the first thing everyone thinks of when they think spring? Okay baseball if your a fan, but I think it's flowers for the rest of us! So that's what I went looking for this week. Here are the stamps I found that just screamed spring to me ~
And here's the quick and easy card that came together for me - well, quick if you don't count the coloring!

All I did was stamp my flower background (in my neat and orderly rows) on white cardstock using black pigment ink and clear embossing powder. Once I embossed it coloring it in wasn't quite so bad. When that was done I found some matching 1/8" ribbon and then added the jewels. I stamped the top half of my saying using versamark ink and white embossing powder on purple paper, popped it out with my giga punch, then giga'd one out of orchid paper and lined it up the best I could in my mega punch (actually I ended up taping a 2" tab on it so I could have more control. Once I punched it out I simply removed the tab.) All that was left was taping/gluing it all together. I decided not to stamp the inside so I can save it and use it for any occasion. And my job (?) was done!

Now I'm going to work on my card for Monday's Challenge - Wish me Luck!!

One more thing befor I sign off - Samantha, Cathy and I were chatting today about this blog and Cathy (I believe) mentioned adding a Tips and Tricks section to my Saturday post - What do you think? I was thinking that it would be cool to not only offer my tips, but ask you to join in as well. Can I bribe you with blog candy???? Maybe a free stamp to the "Tipster" of the week?

Let me know either by commenting here or by sending your Tip or Trick to


Jessica G. said...

Hurray for Spring! I never thought to emboss this background flower, but it really would make coloring easier.

Adding a challenge to join in (and blog candy!) is always a fun idea!!

Debbie Seyer said...

Love the card and your idea! Hooray for blog candy!

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

I love reading tips! I think it's a great idea. One of my favorite tips has to do w/ painting w/ dye reinkers. I bought several divided, round plastic containers (they look like the ones you keep pills in). They are like a divided pie and each section has its own top. I put drops of dye reinkers in each section then labeled the top w/ the color. If they dry up, it's fine. Just add a drop of water and start painting. They're handy and I keep them in a plastic zip lock when not in use.

Anonymous said...

Such pretty flowers Sue!! Love the colors and fun tips!! :) TFS!

Stef H said...

Fabulous card! Nice & colorful!

I think a tip section is a great idea - after all, what crafter doesn't want to know someone else's secret??????


Pat said...

Your blog is already one of the best adding a Tips and Hints section especially one that others can join in on for some blog candy would make it even better.

dawnmercedes said...

My tip is for heat embossing. I use one of those heat resistant hot pads (square shaped) to emboss on. It protects my table and my finger tips!

Mandy said...

Here is my tip...

I save small pieces of my paper in a box near my desk, when I need to punch out a small shape, chances are I already have that color in my box and I don't have to use a larger piece of my paper to cut out one or two small shapes.

And another can use a slightly damp paintbrush to remove stray embossing powder before embossing.

Susan said...

Don;t we all need tips? What a great'll have them flocking to your blog if they aren't already. Do I leave a tip? My tip is if you wanna stamp, don't wait...just start and wait for the juices to flow. When I think...I don't get it going.

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