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Fun With Brooms

>> Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I have been having some fun with the new Broom stamp.  In a previous job, I was an auditor.  I was pretty much by-the-book having been raised by a Drill Sargent (a rule is a rule you know).  Once, someone told me I was a lot like the Wicked Witch of the West.  They acted like it was a joke, but I don't think it was.  I am so glad I am not in that job anymore! Where was I going with that story?  You certainly don't have to be a witch to use a broom or to know how to use it!  Any who, I do have to admit I love this new broom stamp.  I see so much potential in it.

Bible Journaling (cleaning out our hearts):

Making spooky cards ( Broom stamp,  Brewing Halloween Greeting, October 31st Square and I used the Sizzix tree embossing folder inked up and spritzed with water to do my trees) :
Now, I would be in good shape if I could have this much fun with my real broom!




Shelia said...

Nancy, your Bible journaling page is great! Never would have thought to use the broom like that. It's perfect! Great Halloween cards. I really like the brightly colored brooms on the second one & how you used the images & freeing on the first card. Fabulous!

Sue said...

3 Incredible projects Nancy!! LOVE that you found a perfect way to use the broom for Bible stamping - also love both of the cards you made with it! I will admit I'm partial to the tree one - I love that folder and how creative you get with it!!

Janett Ray said...

Both cards are just great, you have the best imagination.

Robin Clendenning said...

I think I like the last one best with that sentiment and those different color adorable! Just so us (as in we ladies)!! So fun! All 3 are brilliant though, love them all!

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

These are so wonderful, Nancy! Your spooky broom in the forest is so cool & I love the bright colors on your brooms & hat.

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