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So many stamps, so little time!

>> Saturday, November 14, 2009

by Sue

Welcome! I'm happy to say I had extra stamping time this week! I had a lot of fun with several of our new images and a couple of our classic images too!

My first card is using an idea I had a couple of weeks ago when I ran out of baby wipes and had to open a new package. I use baby wipes that don't come in a plastic bucket but rather in a plastic bag with a flip top lid. As I was preparing to toss said bag and flip top I somehow asked myself if there was something I could do with it and well, now I know there is!

This is how it came out ~

This picture shows the side view, and where the flip top is ~

Picture number 3 shows how the flip top is actually the perfect size to hold a gift card!

Last but not least this picture shows what's under the gift card :) ~

This was a perfect project for our new Address Label Frame (K107). The stamp was really designed to be stamped on your envelope and have an address either written in or a sticker placed there. I love getting 2 uses for the price of one!

Stamps: K107, B1014, D096 and H688
Paper: White card stock, bright blue card stock, silver mirror card
Ink: Vivid turquoise and ultramarine

My next project was the most challenging - I wanted to get the background just right, and it took several tries!

After I assembled the blue and white card stock I stamped both with my snowflake background stamp and embossed using my clear embossing powder/ultrafine glitter mix - I love that stuff!!!

For the 3D golf ball I used a product called "Snow Writer" I purchased it at Walmart about 3 years ago. It's gotten a little thicker and it was easy to make a ball and let it dry overnight. I glued it to my card the following day!

Stamps: K448, P481, H015, F229
Card Stock: White, bright blue, olive green, red
Ink: Vivid turquoise and black, versamark
Embossing Powder - I call it Susie Mix 1

Card #3 ~ There's just something about our new Christmas mouse that I just love!

The only unusual thing I did on this card was after I stamped the plaid in red, I used a pink marker and added pink lines to the red. I even colored on a few squares pink too.

Stamps: P631, E134, E140
Card Stock: Red, White and Pink
Ink: Vivid Hot Red, Colorbox Black

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!!!


Cathy Indelicato said...

Awesome cards Sue!!!! Great ideas!

Vicki S. said...

I love your new ideas Sue!!

Anonymous said...

What clever designs!! Love them all!! :)

Samantha said...

Terrific cards Sue! The plaid reminds me of ribbon candy on Christmas. So cute!

Jessica G. said...

Awesome way to re-purpose the wipes top; I never would have thought they would be the perfect gift card size!

Fun winter card for those die-card golfers and the little mouse is one of my new favorites, especially on the striking plaid!!

Lisa Schipritt said...

I always wondered what I could do with the fliptop from my baby wipes!!!!!!!! Now I know thanks to you...

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

Oh my! What a super collection of cards! I particularly like the gift card enclosure. Such a neat idea. You have really been busy! I just got my new images Thurs. so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Jennifer E. said...

Awesome cards Sue! Looks like you've been very busy! I love the gift card holder, the golfing snowman, & the plaid on the last one!

JoAnn said...

I love the pink snowflake! And you sound like me before I throw anything away I look at it and think can I use this some way? I love what you done with the baby wipes top! that is cool. I will have to find someone at church with a baby. I Love It!!!

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