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Made Up Roses

>> Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Hello friends.

Isn't it fun when you have an idea and it works out?  When I was thinking about how to color up this card, I was watching my daughter put on her make-up.  She is a LimeLife consultant and has all the coolest make up colors.  The blush she was putting on looked like a perfect color for the roses.  Then a pretty eye-shadow seemed perfect for the "leaves."  She loves this card and is now able to add a new use for her make-up to her list!

To make this card, I stamped the Flower Cross 10 times.  Lewis, my 3 year old Grandson, and I colored the roses with our fingers.  We lightly touched the blushes (they are highly pigmented) and rubbed them on the roses.  Then we touched some eye-shadow and colored up the cross ends.  I then cut up the crosses and used the ends as the leaves on the wreath.  I lightly brushed the embossed white bg with one of her make-up brushes.  To finish it off, I stamped the Love You to the Moon Greeting, cut out the love word, and  added Stickles, gems, and a heart charm.

Hope your week is going well!

Many hugz,



Karin said...

Each time you make a wreath card, it's more beautiful than the last one! And eyeshadow...I mean, why not? But I never would have thought to try that, and the results are so soft and pretty. Learned something new and love it indeed I do!

Shelia said...

Another gorgeous wreath! Cannot believe you used make up to color this! Never ever thought of trying that. I really like the soft color you get from the make up. So very pretty!

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

Queen of the beautiful wreath! Awesome roses & leaves. And great idea for those make up samples that I always seem to have but never use. Beautiful card, Nancy.

Sue said...

This card is just genius in so many ways Nancy!! I'm astounded that you colored it (with Lewis) using make up! Plus the fact that those aren't "real" leaves...and the dry brushing on the background!!!! It's all just amazingly beautiful!!

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