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Bible Journaling with Pumpkins

>> Wednesday, October 25, 2017

My project today looked so different in my head!  I was going for an old parchment look on one of my blank Bible Journaling Pages, but didn't look up an example of old parchment - big mistake.  In the end, I really liked the result (otherwise I would not be posting it - lol).

I wanted to have some subtle images and designs in the background of my words so I stamped the Filigree pumpkin image all over the page in DOX (Distress Oxide Ink). I added a bit of a stencil around as well.  Here is the finished Bible Journal page:

If you look close at the bottom left you can see one of  the underlying pumpkins a bit better.  This is a bit different project, but it shows you the versatility of this wonderful image.

The top paragraph starts off  with some of my words, but the second paragraph is a verse from 2 Timothy 3: 16-17.  I find that while the Bible was written a long, long time ago, it is fresh and new every time I open it up.  I can read a scripture one day and not think anything about it, and the next day it speaks to my soul.  That is why I wanted to do this page with some kind of hidden patterns like the pumpkin and the stencil.  You might not seem them on first glance or in a certain light, but they are there.




Karin said...

This page is lovely and the textured look you gave this by using the filigree design of the pumpkin along with the the stencil is totally cool!

Robin Clendenning said...

So pretty Nancy! I love the designs very lightly in the bg. I'm glad you wrote that it was a blank page, I don't like it when people totally cover the word so that it can't be read any more like you see sometimes. Who would want to cover the precious word of God!! Your page and writing is beautiful!

Shelia said...

What a beautiful Bible Journaling page, Nancy! I really like the subtle background you created with the stencil and the filigree pumpkin. Your handwriting is lovely too. I totally agree with what you said about the Bible too. It is amazing how one verse really speaks to you one day and not on other days.

Sue said...

Lovely journal page Nancy! It may not be what you had in mind, but it came out beautiful!

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