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>> Saturday, July 18, 2015

Good morning!
Still working with the challenge colors for this week (see the Thursday post).
I used the woven plaid for my background 613P in blue, light blue, orange and yellow. I used the Fleur de Lis 421F for my corners (part of it that is), the golfer Duff 457L and birthday sentiment 507G for the main image panel. He has silver hair like my hubby!  But he is so cool with his orange hat and belt!  This guy drives a convertable sports car too ladies!  This card was very simple and the only thing that took much time was cutting out the Fleur De Lis for corners.  I love that orange and blue plaid, don't you?
Well, this week, golfer Duff is going out to dinner with his lady friend right after his game of golf!!  He brought along his after shave to use in the locker room...she just LOVES his after shave and it makes her want to snuggle up close!  Those guys and their tricks!  He has an OLD convertable so she can sit right next to him and he can put his arm around his darling!  He has a very sporty cap don't you think? His darling wears a scarf, she doesn't want her hair mussed up before dinner...She has a surprize for him...told the waiter it was his birthday so you know what will happen right?  All the waiters in this joint will come sing Happy Birthday to embarrassing but he loves it!
This makes a fun guys birthday card and if they play golf, they will probably get a kick out of the sentiment!
Hope you have a great weekend!


nwilliams6 said...

Robin, this is a totally inventive way to use the fleur de lis image and all the colors on this are wonderful! What an inventive and fun card. I will be using this idea! Hugz

Janett Ray said...

Great plaid background love the colors and a wonderful way to use the fleur de lis.

Shelia said...

Robin, you make the most beautiful plaid backgrounds!! Love this. Great use of the Fleur de lis too!

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

What a super card, Robin! Your plaid looks awesome and I love the bright colors. With some of the plaid ugly pants I've seen in years past on the golf course, maybe he should have some, too!

Sue said...

Love, Love LOVE the corners Robin! Excellent plaid and coloring, but those corners make it all add up to awesome!

Karin said...

You are the queen of making plaid papers! Each one is more lovely than the next, but now you are the queen of the Fleur de Lis stamp! Your creativity is over the top!

Jennifer E. said...

Wow, your background is stunning and you have perfectly coordinated all of the colors!!

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