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Plaid Tutorial

>> Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Every now and again I get lucky and get to spend a weekend at a stamp show.  Yeah!!  This past weekend I was in York PA demonstrating how our Woven Plaid stamp makes a quick and easy plaid.  The fun part was after spending so much time doing the quick and easy plaids I still had time to try stamping the plaids a little different, and boy was I pleased with the results!!  Today I'm going to share some of those results with you!  

Are you ready???

Let me start by saying that I was using a cling mounted stamp instead of my usual mounted version.  Because of this I was able to cut my stamp in 3rd's.

Here's what our Woven Plaid stamp looks like, 

and here's where I cut apart my stamp... (hint... when I cut any stamp apart I usually add a notch or zigzag so when I want to put the stamp back together they fit together like puzzle pieces)

Here goes....

I started by putting just the biggest section on my acrylic mount and inking it with a taupe dye ink

my favorite plaid is a diagonal so I started by angling across the center.

I changed the angle of my card making the stamped image straight and then filled the card above the single stamped image leaving about 1/8" in between each image (hint - I always stamp ABOVE the first image so I can see where to place it easier) I did have to rotate it half way through to finish

After choosing a green dye ink as my second color I once again stamped it at an angle in the center, crossing the taupe lines

and again changed the angle of my card to stamp above the center green image leaving 1/8" between images

till I filled the card again!

Now it was time to remove the widest part of the plaid stamp from my acrylic mount and replace it with the smallest piece.

Using a black dye ink pad and the smallest section of the plaid I stamped it in the center of the widest part of the taupe plaid images

till I stamped over all of them...

and then started stamping on top of the green images as well...

till I had filled the entire card.  I have to add here how freaky it was stamping on top of the taupe and green, because it kept changing the color of my black ink.  Okay not really, but the colors are seriously different depending on whether you've stamped on the taupe or the green or the combination of'll see :)

To finish my card I stamped our Hayrides Harvest Sentiment on white card stock using brown dye ink, overstamped it with our Pumpkin with Leaves and orange dye ink and added 

the flourish from our Handmade Fragile stamp before die cutting it with an oval nestie die and then layered it with a green scalloped die cut.

So, what do you think?  Talk about a whole different look for our plaid stamp right?  Oh, I should mention that this whole plaid took less than 10 minutes to make.  It was so quick I was able to do these as well....

Thanks for visiting!!


Janett said...

I love this, You space you stamp perfect. Now I want to cut up my stamp.

Donna Whitten said...

Great job, pretty card!

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

Now this is fantastic, Sue! What a great idea w/ the notches...but how do you cut them so little? Every time I cut one apart, I have hard time putting them back together. Great tutorial!

Karin said...

Holy cow! This is WAY cool! Never thought there was another way to use this stamp...Thanks for showing us how :)

*Vicki* said...

Very cool plaid designs Sue!! I love to cut apart my stamps too! :)

*Vicki* said...

P.S. If it freaks you out to cut apart your stamps, you could also just mask off the strips you don't want to use which I've done before with my word stamps. :)

Shelia said...

Sue, this is great!! Never thought to use the plaid this way! Love the look! Gonna have to try it!!

Robin Clendenning said...

Those are awesome but I'm afraid of cutting my stamp apart!! I know, I'm a scaredy cat!! I love the plaids you made with them cut apart though!! What a great tutorial!

ionabunny said...

What a great idea and tutorial. I wouldn't have bought this stamp but I might now. Hugz

Samantha said...

This is what happens when a stamper doodles. Excellent doodles Susie!

Jennifer E. said...

Very cool and very clever! Love all the different woven plaid patterns you created!

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