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Counting Blessings

>> Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hello everyone! Let's cozy up with a warm quilt and least for a few minutes anyway!!

DRS stamps used: 167K Sunflower Hurricane Candle, , 915D Count Your Blessings, 166D Designer Quilt Square
Other miscellaneous: Embossing folder (Cuttlebug) and ribbon.
 I only WISH I could make a quilt like this!! I love orange and purple together because it reminds me of nature, at least where I live.  In the spring California poppies and Lupine often grow wild together.  The fields of flowers are spectacular and can cover whole mountain sides.  That is one time where I literally count my blessings!
I don't know if you can see it but between every 4 squares is made an octagon.  Look at the edges, you can see the half octagons.  That is why I chose an octagon shape for my image and mat.
My candle top that is melted, has crystal effects on it and my quilt has been quilted with an embossing folder.  If you look closely, you can see the warm glow of the candle inside the glass.
This is my favorite time of year.  Spring is beautiful with it's carpet of flowers for sure but fall takes on it's own beauty in that all the trees turn gold, orange and red and carpet the ground leaving trunks of white or brown. The air turns cool and nights chilly and the earth gets ready for the blanket that is coming...snow!  Or maybe just a warm quilt!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend...probably full of soccer, cross country  or baseball on TV.  I know that is what our weekends are like! Kids doing all kinds of stuff!  Well, try to sneak away for some stamping time this weekend! Get your creative juices flowing!
Thanks for stopping by!


Shelia said...

What a gorgeous card, Robin!! Love the color combo & the octagon shape in the center!!

Karin said...

The backround is amazing! I just adore your fab color choices too :)

Janett said...

Beautiful colors, I never would have thought to use them together. Beautiful card.

Sue said...

This card it all about the details! I love the embossing on the quilt squares - as well as the glow of the candle, the out of the box die tech and the bows on the corners are precious!

Samantha said...

Just gorgeous, Robin! Love the bright colors and wonderful pattern!

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

Beautiful quilted bg on this, Robin! The embossing just adds that perfect element to your bg. And I love the hexagon shape for your candle.

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