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King of the Grill

>> Friday, July 15, 2011

by Julie Warner - The Write Stuff
(please click for a bigger picture)
Happy Friday!
The weekend is almost here and this Grill Meister can't wait to get grilling! I can't help but think of my husband when I look at this image. Because of a "little grilling accident" he had, he's required to do his grilling away from flammable structures (like the deck). So I put my King of the Grill in the middle of the backyard.

The grilling misadventure (we never let him forget, lol) happened a long time ago in a different house. We had a big beautiful deck that we built ourselves. And he had this smoker grill he used to fire up on the back part of the deck. The day after the grilling incident, it rained, so he left the little smokey on the deck. The next day, I came home from work and hubby says "I had a little accident on the deck". Ok, so I'm thinking a coal fell out and burned a little spot or something. I go out back and thru the little lattice doorway and the back deck is GONE! I mean I'm looking at the dirt and about 16 feet of deck, 8 boards across is missing! The happy little smokey is sitting upright w/ the cover on in the center of the dirt. I look at hubby and say "Little accident? If the deck were a person it'd be on life support!"
We never did figure out exactly how the incident happened, but hubby quietly rebuilt the missing section all by himself. And that's why he now grills away from any structures. BTW, we still have the little smoker and that's the one he uses to this day.

This card was pretty easy. It was stamped, colored w/ markers and die cut. I masked the Grill King and added a fence, some grass and a sky behind him. The sentiment was broken up and I used a stamp positioner to stamp it in the frame arrangement you see. A larger die was used as a template to add the doodled red frame between the sentiment sections.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Y'all be careful with those Little Smokey grills, lol!

Grilling Guy, Boss of the Barbeque greeting, Add a Fence, Easy Grass Backgroundink: VersaFine Onyx, Memories soft baby blue
accessories: markers, Spellbinders Labels 8 dies, self made cloud stencil
, stamp positioner


Karin said...

Love the way you stamped the sentiment and the background...WOW! The fence/gate is so cool!

Samantha said...

Wow is right! Fantabulistic card today Julie!

jonim52 said...

Fabulous card with the fence, grass and the sentiment all around! Wow wow wow!!!

Pam said...

Omg, Julie. Is he a pyromaniac? Glad the house was okay. Super cute card. I love how you split the sentiment up.

Sue said...

Awesome card Julie! Post too :) I love your backyard!

Jennifer E. said...

Fab card Julie! Love how you split up the sentiment!

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