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It's a Glittering Ghost!

>> Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Have you ever sat down to stamp and had your mind be completely empty?? That happened to me last night - in a good way!! I really had no thoughts on what I wanted to do, which stamps I wanted to use or even what colors I wanted to use. It was kind of fun!

When I sat down, the first thing I noticed was all the dirty, inky stamps from the last time I stamped ;) as I started to clean up a little I picked up Spencer the Not so Spooky Spirit 408D and well, it started me down the path!

This is a fun and quick background to stamp because you don't have to mask, but the coloring takes a little while. Unfortunately when I was done coloring I was faced with a few streaks. That led me to the cover up. I dabbed my clear versamark stamp pad over the entire background, then poured on a mixture of 1/2 clear embossing powder and 1/2 ultrafine white glitter. A little heat setting and I had one sparkily background! Too sparkily to cover up! Instead of adding a greeting like I normally would have , I tied on a simple ribbon with a couple of shrinky dink ghosts I had made for a different card that they just didn't work on (I did some cleaning after all!) and attached it all to a folded black card.

It was fun just letting one thing lead me to another!

Happy Stamping!


Karin said...

Spencer and the Goofy bat look right at home with each other! Love that sparkle too :)

Dawn said...

that sparkle is perfect fot hese 2 cuties... great job...

jonim52 said...

I love your shrinky dink ghosts!

Samantha said...

I like the shrinkies too! Great card Sue!

Jennifer E. said...

How cool! I love the purple background! I must say great minds think alike! I created a similar card that you'll see very soon. I still need to try that shrink technique too-those little ghosts are the perfect embellishment!

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

This is wonderful, Sue! Love the ghosts and bats and all the sparkle is fabulous!

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