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A Cheery Get Well

>> Saturday, August 15, 2009

by Sue


I'm so glad to be back! Unfortunately life got so busy 2 weeks ago that it got in the way of my stamping (the nerve!!) and then computer problems compounded the problem. But I'm back this week with a fun new card for you. I also have a new idea too!!

Here are the stamps I used in today's card ~

I can't tell you how much I'm loving this new "Bloomin' Huge" stamp! Beware - it might become my favorite for the next several weeks!

and here's my card ~
Let me start by confessing that this card didn't end up even close to where it beagn (for starters, it was supposed to be all pastels), but sometimes you have to go with the flow!

To start my card I stamped our new Bloomin' Huge on 3 different shades of pink paper using black dye ink. I randomly trimmed one into a 2" square, one into a 1 1/2" square and one into a 1" square. After coloring all the flowers with the same pink and purple markers, I layered all with white paper cut 1/8" larger, then layered them onto purple cardstock. I layered that with a slightly larger white card, and attached it all on a bright pink folded card.

I used a 1/4" strip of extra bright pink paper (decorated with pearl glitter glue) and attached it to the right side of my card. I stamped my vertical get well using versamark ink and embossed it using white embossing powder and after layering it with white paper I adhered it on top of the pink strip of paper. A little glitter glue and I was good to go!

Thanks for stopping by, read on for my new idea and another addition of ~

Your Tip by Kerry H. - I use a 15 X 27 glass mat I had cut on my table top. It's easy to clean everything off of it including glitter! But the best part is when I want to reverse an image, I simply stamp it on the glass then press my card front onto the glass picking up the ink and the image is reversed!! I never had any luck with the reverse image stamps and this is so much easier.

My Trick - Did you know cutting on a glass cutting board will keep your blade sharper longer?? I use a piece of glass from an old picture frame. I just covered the edges in duct tape!


Pass It On

Now onto my new idea - It seems to me that there's a million questions that need to be asked and answered concerning stamping and I'm thinking here is a good place for some of that to happen.

Here's the deal - I'm going to throw out a topic and if you have an answer or comment you think might help, please send me an email with your response. I'll publish the top answers/comments the following week - sending the answer-ers a bit of blog candy for their trouble of course!
If on the other hand you have a topic you'd like some input on, send me that too. You'll get the blog candy for your trouble!! We'll all be a little bit smarter in a matter of weeks!!!

Our first topic is.........................

Stampers Block, Loss of Creativity, No More Mojo - whatever you call it, it can strike anyone, at any time. What's your solution, suggestion or comment?????

Please send all topics/suggestions/comments and all Tips and Tricks to Please be so kind as to include your snail mail address for faster receipt of your blog candy!!


Heather said...

Sue, this is beautiful! I just love it! Can't wait to see the answers to the lost mojo questin since I seem to be in the situation a lot. Hope you have a great weekend!

Jessica G. said...

Beautiful, vibrant card -- this giant blossom is one of my new faves, too!

As for missing mojo, the best recipe I've found is a block of free time and LOTS of caffeine!!

Cathy Indelicato said...

What a cool card - great new idea too!!!

Anonymous said...

Now this is really cool Sue!! Love the different spotlights on this one!! I love your advice BTW...HUGS

Ryann said...

This is a really cool card. I love the different highlights and the flower stamp is perfect to do it on. Lovely!

Jennifer E. said...

Adorable card Sue! I love how you layered that flower! Can't wait to see your responses to the lost mojo question! What a great idea!

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