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Non-traditional backgrounds

>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Posted by: Heather Lee-Reppen

Hello all! Hope you are all having a wonderful week. Today I wanted to share some cards that use non-traditional background stamps. By non-traditional, I mean stamps that weren't necessarily designed to be a background. DRS Designs has an awesome selection of background stamps, but they also have an awesome selection of other stamps that can be used to create backgrounds!

For my first card I used the golf bag stamp to create the background.

This next card uses the worm can stamp as the background. This stamp is fairly large but still works well as a background!

For my third card I used a simple "Happy Birthday" sentiment to create the background paper.
I'm pretty sure I've shared this card here before, but I thought I would share it again. Here I used the small frog stamp to create the background.Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you all have a wonderful day!



Margie said...

Those are all very pretty. I especially like the worm one. Thanks for the ideas.

Cathy Indelicato said...

Cute and fun - great job!

Jennifer E. said...

Great job on these cards Heather! I love your unique take on breating your own backgrounds without using "background" stamps!

Dawn Mercedes said...

nicely done

Dawn said...

I love these ideas, Heather and your cards are so pretty and put together wo beautifully! I love the color combos and of course, you are the layout DIVA! Amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful showcase of using stamps for backgrounds!! Nicely done!! :)

Jessica G. said...

Such a great way to create the perfect personalized DP! Fun cards, Heather!!

Deb said...

These are so wonderful! Fun ideas and fabulous layouts!

Sara said...

Very nice, I love the boy holding the frogs...cute!

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