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What's better than Glitter?

>> Saturday, May 2, 2009

by Sue


What's better than glitter?? How about glitter that doesn't leave a little sparkle wherever it goes???

That's my technique for today. It's one of my favorites too! Quick, easy and sparkily! For an embossing junkie like me it's also fun.

These are the stamps I used in today's project~

and here's my finished card. It's hard to see in the photo here, but it's unbelievably sparkily.
Wanna know my secret? and how can you make one and see the sparkle for yourself? Read on ~

Step 1 - Mix equal amounts of clear embossing powder and ultrafine glitter.

Step 2 - Stamp and color your image, then trim to size and dry rub the edges with color.

Step 3 - After laying image on scrap paper, use a versamark pad and stamp/dab repeatedly until entire image is covered with clear ink.

Step 4 - Cover with powder/glitter mix and emboss as usual.
Here's a close-up of what it looked like before I embossed-

and here's one after -

Notice how the embossing seems to lighten the marker colors? It's probably not as dramatic as you see here, but I like getting a whole new color!
After glittering up my main image, I stamped the square background on my black folded card using clear ink and dusted it with clear embossing powder, before I heat set it I stamped the dot background using the same clear ink, only this time I dusted it with my clear/glitter embossing mix. Then I heat set both.
All that was left was to emboss a strip a piece of black paper with clear ink and the glitter mix and layer it all together!
A fun and sparkling card!

Now it's time for ~

Your Tip by Mandy: I save small pieces of my paper in a box near my desk, when I need to punch out a small shape, chances are I already have that color in my box and I don't have to use a larger piece of my paper to cut out one or two small shapes. (Bonus tip from me - Kids love to use punches, keep 'em busy and have your shapes pre-punched!)
My Trick: I love mixing new combinations of embossing powders but always had a problem storing the new mix till I started asking at my local photo developing place for empty film canisters. They're happy to get rid of them and you can store all sorts of tiny items in them. Best of all they're free!
Will this be the last Tips and Tricks? My selection of new tips from you has dwindled! Please email me with your tip at I'm offering blog candy in the form of new unmounted stamps as an incentive!! Don't delay!


Jennifer E. said...

Awesome! I love the sparkle effect. Great idea to mix clear ep with glitter...I'll be doing this soon!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Yep. Glitter is tops - at least in my book and this card is super gorgeous!

Great tips too. I would hate to see that go!


Cathy Indelicato said...

What a cool card!!!

Mandy said...

Great card...and thanks for sharing my tip

Jessica G. said...

Beautiful! The sparkle is the perfect touch for this image. Actually, I think it's a great touch for almost ANY image!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Sue!! I just love the added sparkle!!! Perfect for a birthday! Those dots I do love!!....I need those!! :)

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