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A Salute to Black & White!

>> Saturday, April 25, 2009

by Sue

Happy Saturday! If you missed it last week, I'm currently at the Stamp Show in Arkon, OH! Come join us if you can! Because of being in Akron and all the running around that goes on before a show I didn't get much stamping done this week. I did however find this gem that I never posted here!

This whole card came about because I started seeing a lot of cards with this cool ribbon frame and I wanted to try one. I spaced mine a little father away from the center image but otherwise... Here's a link to get you to the creator of this cool border, see what you can come up with!

These are the stamps I used to create my two cards~

Here's my first card, the ribbon was a fun and unique variation for me. After lacing the ribbon I didn't want too much in the center and when I saw the delicate flower background I knew it was just what I was looking for.

This 2nd card came about because I really liked the flower background but didn't get to see as much of it as I wanted to in the first card, so I made sure plenty of it was showing!

Two quick and easy cards! Just like I like 'em! Thanks for stopping by!

Keep reading on for the latest installment of

Your Trick by Linda D. - When using a large stamp, sometimes the ink doesn't cover the stamp correctly, so to assure that your stamp is inked well and that you get good coverage on your card front - 1) ink your large stamp, 2) lay your stamp ink side up, 3) carefully lay your cardstock onto the stamp, 4) with a smooth edged (5 inch) piece of wood, rub over your cardstock and you will get a nice coverage. I've never tried this personally but I've had other ladies say they do the same thing and they love it!

My Tip: Ink your stamp pads!!! I can't stress this one enough. This tip is actually two-fold. Part A. is that when you buy a new stamp pad, if they have the re-inker for it and it's in your budget, I recommend getting the 2 together (all red ink is not the same, green either!). You should almost have a lifetime supply if you buy the re-inker!
Part B. is re-inking, I re-ink my pads almost every other time I sit down to stamp. Especially my black pads. I'm not talking one or two drops either :) I definitely like a well inked pad. That way when I stamp I get a nice solid coverage with little fuss!
Go get busy inking those stamp pads and have a great week!!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Fabulous cards and terrific tips. Hope you're having a blast!


Cathy Indelicato said...

Great cards and great tips!

Jessica G. said...

Such elegant cards! Black and white color combos always add a refined air to cards and these images are the perfect focus for it!!

Judy Rozema said...

Wonderful cards!

Kraftyaunt said...

I just love the new 'tips' feature. Since I'm new to cardstamping I can use all of the help I can get! Today's tip about reinking the stamp pads makes me feel better. I thought it was me-that I was somehow not stamping the pressure correctly and thus figured I better reink the pad! But now I know, I'm actually doing something right! yeah....

Thanks for gorgeous cards, and most importantly great stamp themes and designs! Love the company's products!

Anonymous said...

Love your ribbon frame Sue! Love the black and white theme as well!! Hope you're having fun in Akron!! :)

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