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An apple a day...

>> Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hi everyone- I hope you are doing well today. I am going to be visiting my best friend soon and I would like to take her a gift to thank her for her hospitality. What better than a hand stamped card and gift right? A couple of weeks ago I bought a couple bushels of apples which let me tell ya is an awful lot of apples! I really did not realize how many I actually bought till I got them home and started making apple everything- you name it LOL. Well, one of the things I made was apple butter. I thought that it might make great gifts for people for the holidays or as a thank you gift like for my friend or also for the new neighbors that are going to be moving in a few houses from me. I could not very well give them a plain old mason jar now could I? Here is where my projects come in.

You will need:
piece of cotton muslin fabric
a circle template (I used the top of a cookie tin which was 6 1/2 inches in diameter, but a small plate would work)
fabric scissors
rubber band

First, draw a circle onto your fabric using your template

Next, start stamping your images onto the fabric. I just used regular dye ink because I was not intending on washing these. If you need it to be washable then you will want to use an ink like palette which can be washed. Make sure that you stamp some of your images over the circle line.

Continue stamping until you fill the circle the way that you desire. Here is a picture of the finished circle:

Then lay your fabric over your jar filled with goodies (cookies or brownies in a jar, soup, jam, or in my case apple butter) and secure with a rubber band. Don't worry the rubber band won't show once you tie your ribbon around it. Stamp your sentiment and punch out with a circle and layer it onto a scalloped circle. Set an eyelet into your circle and tie the ribbon around the jar attaching your circle.

Stamps used- DRS designs C1063, A1074, C691

I have had some people requesting the recipe for the apple butter so HERE it is. I did cut the sugar down to like 1 -1 1/2C though and I did use applesauce rather than the apples. However, this was homemade applesauce that I made. I first made lots of applesauce then I decided to turn some of that applesauce into apple butter. To make applesauce I just cut and cored my apples and put them in a pot with some water and cooked them down. After it was mushy, I put it through my food mill- simple as can be. Just make sure you keep stirring the apples while they are cooking because they will stick if not- trust me, wonder how I know that LOL?

Here are a couple variations that you can use for Christmas or for anytime during the year. The first one is for my sister in law whose birthday is on the 10th- hope she likes it.

I intended to fill this with kisses but oops- I ate them LOL!
Stamps used- DRS designs H361, P219

This fabric I added stickles to the center of the snowflakes and sponged the edge of the fabric:

Stamps- H187, D932

The nice thing about creating your own printed fabric is that you can coordinate your gift to a card- cool huh?

Thanks for visiting us today. I hope that you have enjoyed the projects and are inspired to try some of your own. Have a terrific day!


Heather Lee-Reppen said...

Cute ideas!

Dawn said...

that is a great idea!!! I know I will have to try this as the holidays are upon us!

Jennifer E. said...

Awesome idea, Janette, and such a unique treat too! Now, you need to share that apple butter recipe! Sounds yummy!

Rebecca said...

These look great. I think it's so fun to give home-made treats!

JenMarie said...

These are GREAT Janette!!

Vicki said...

Oh how YUMYY!! What fun treat ideas!! :)

Deb said...

These are fabulous, what a great idea!!

Jessica G. said...

What a thoughtful gift idea! I've never tried to stamp on fabric before, but this looks like a fun way to give it a try!

Etha said...

What wonderful ideas! perfect way to pack up home-made stuff and I love stamping on fabric :)

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