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Irish Coffee With Cream

>> Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I know you are probably expecting a Valentine's Day card full of hearts and love today, but I have moved on to St. Patrick's Day and some Irish Whiskey topped off with plenty of whipped cream and a bit of cinnamon.

I made this card on my stove top - seriously.  The light is better there and my counter was covered with crafting supplies, mail, and a cookie cake.  

To make my background, I swiped ink on crumbled up aluminum foil, splashed on some water and dipped in my paper.  I did this a few times changing the ink up.  After it dried, I stamped on some shamrocks using the Small Shamrock Group and added the new Better Irish Blessings greeting.  It still needed something so I mixed up some leftover coffee, the ink left on my foil, and some cinnamon.  I dipped a container lid in it and stamped some coffee rings.  

Next I stamped the Paper Coffee Cup.  I cut it out and then stamped on the new Silhouette Shamrock Field and the Whiskey part of the Better Irish Blessings.  I sponged around the edges with some Distress Ink in Walnut Stain and realized I should have popped up the middle.  I didn't want to redo the cup so I masked off the edges around the middle sleeve and sponged on a shadow.  I added the middle of paper doily and one of the shamrocks off the shamrock group to make it look a bit more festive.

Now for the fun part.  I wanted to have some realistic whipped cream so I mixed up some gel medium and some white acrylic paint.  I fluffed it up and added it to a little piece of acetate.  I heated it up with my heat gun and made sure the fan over my oven was on full blast.  The "creme" bubbled up and looked awesome.  I sprinkled on some cinnamon and heated a bit to make it stick.  I then added it to my cup and cut off the excess.  It looks so realistic and smells awesome.

Happy Valentine's Day!  




Robin Clendenning said...

Your whipped cream is so amazing!! i love how you did that! And your bg is very cool as well Nancy! Beautiful card!

Sue said...

Wonderful card Nancy! Another incredible background and your coffee cup with the foam is amazing! You have a real knack for making stamped food look real :)

Karin said...

Your creativity is out of this world! LOVE that "whipped cream" on top...So, so cool! And, the cinnamon...c'mon! lol! The background is awesome and there's no better sentiment for this beauty!

Shelia said...

Oh my goodness Nancy, that whipped cream looks amazing! Love this fun & creative beauty!!

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

Fabbo, Nancy! Your whipped cream looks really tasty & your bg is wonderful. Love the little fancy element on the far right. Cinnamon?? I lost my sense of smell years ago but I love the taste of anything cinnamon.

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