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Breakfast With Coffee

>> Wednesday, January 3, 2018

When I first saw the new Paper Coffee Cup image, I knew I wanted to make a card with some breakfast items.  So I made some paper bacon and eggs to go with it.

My background was made with some splatters of coffee using a paint brush and flecking with my finger.  I stamped the coffee cup on some SU! paper and cut out the Hugs from the new Hugs Kisses and Valentine Wishes Greeting.

To make the bacon I cut a bacon strip out of white paper kind of curvy like bacon. I painted some red/brown stripes, and then covered it all with a THICK coat of Gel Medium and heated it up with a heat tool until the gel bubbled up (kind of like frying real bacon). I let it all dry, and then repeated the process until I got the look I wanted. I did 4 coats on this one and had to repaint my stripes after layer 2.

To make the egg, I cut out a fried egg shape, then I painted a yellow circle. I covered the yellow circle with a THICK coat of gel medium and heated it up until one big bubble rose up.  I let it dry, then I covered the whole egg with gel medium adding a bit more in the middle. I heated it up with my gun until it bubbled all over. I did two coats for this egg.

Warnings: Use tweezers to hold your papers while heating. Do in well ventilated area or outside or while wearing a mask. Don't let the paper catch on fire.

Cover the edges with a bit of TH Walnut stain or SU! Chocolate chip to get a bit of fried color. 




Shelia said...

Oh my goodness Nancy, this is soooo cute & fun. Love your bacon & egg. So very creative! Absolutely love this!

Karin said...

Wow! What a way to start off the new year! LOL! This is amazing...You've totally won the card making game with this :) How are these bacon and eggs not real bacon and eggs?! Great way to showcase that coffee cup for sure!

Sue said...

I CANNOT believe how real your bacon and egg look! Absolutely incredible that they are both made out of paper! You've made me hungry just looking at this :)

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

Now this is the tastiest card I believe I've ever seen! I cannot believe how real your breakfast looks. You did a fab job w/ this, Nancy.

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