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Scratch and Sniff Thanksgiving

>> Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The new Psalm 100 Thanksgiving Greeting works for Thanksgiving and it also makes a great encouragement card or Bible Journaling focus.  I added in some special leaves using the Fall Leaf with Acorn image.  What makes these leaves so special is that they were colored with things from around my kitchen.  They smell like those things as well. 

I used some Lipton Mango Pineapple Tea and Honey drink mix to color the top leaf.  It smells wonderful.  The second leaf is colored with some Yellow Tail Merlot, and it smells pretty good too.  The bottom leaf is hard to tell by just sniffing.  It is colored with a mixture of Tabasco, K-cup coffee grounds, and paprika (I had to add all these things to get the color I wanted).  I tried this with my Bible Journaling class and they loved it!  The kids especially had fun. 

Thanksgiving is coming on us fast!  Hope your preparations are going well and that you are having a wonderful week. 




Gail said...

Never heard of doing this Nancy until I read this post - how fabulous is that! Do you have recipes? Would like to try this technique as well as for Bible Journaling! A fab idea!

nwilliams6 said...

Gail, I just mixed a little of the tea flavoring with water and painted it on (then patted it with a paper towel - don't get the image too wet). I painted the wine on straight with no water. On the Tabasco/coffee/paprika mixture, I just mixed a little of each together with a few drops of water and added more spices/coffee until I got the right color. It is super fun in Bible Journaling - it keeps the smell for a long time. Hugz

Robin Clendenning said...

Nancy, I love your 3 leaves framing your beautiful sentiment! Beautiful card!

Shelia said...

How cool is this! I wish I could smell it. Fabulous card Nancy!

Sue said...

What an INCREDIBLE idea coloring with scents! The spice/coffee came out perfect - looks like a real leaf!

Janett Ray said...

Nancy, you are a genius, the card looks great.

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

This is lovely, Nancy! The way you did the leaves is wonderful..I can only imagine how they smell. Literally, lol. I totally lost my sense of smell so long ago, I can't remember what things smell like, so things like this would never occur to me.

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