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Zippy Ornament Card - Not!

>> Wednesday, December 11, 2013


2 weeks left!  Holy Smokes!!  2 weeks!!  Are you ready???  I've lulled myself into thinking I'm doing okay, but that could seriously change at any minute!  But while I'm in my present state of mind I thought I'd stamp a card....

As I sat down to stamp the first think I saw was the black layer with the oval cut out sitting on my desk that was left over from a different card and I thought "I should use that"!  A second or so later I saw our Filigree Christmas Ornament Stamp just hanging around and I though "I should try to use that as a background"    The shape definitely led me to thinking about filling a card with rows, but I wasn't sure I could do it "free hand".  Turns out that was the easy part :)

So, 10 minutes into my card I have the black folded card, the white layer with the ornament stamped all over it in red and green dye inks and I have the top oval layer without the embossing on it, and I'm thinking I'll be done in seconds - then the screeching of brakes and I spend the next 90 minutes or so  trying numerous combinations before deciding on adding just the bow from our Candy Cane Stamp and making my tiny tag with the Merry Christmas, which is part of our Christmas Multi Greeting.  It was still lacking I finally ran that original black/oval layer through my cuttlebug and was finally happy with my card - after a good 3 hours of "playing"  :)

The real funny part (in my mind anyway) was that I immediately started a 2nd card even though it was 11pm... on a school night.... and I'd been up the night before till 2am......  Please stop by tomorrow and check out our challenge and see the card that practically stamped itself in about 10 minutes!  Let me know which one you like better :)



Shelia said...

Sorry this card took so long, but it sure turned out beautifully! Can't wait to see tomorrow's!!

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

I feel your pain, but I love your card! Hey, you get extra points for using stuff from your stash!! Love that!

Janett said...

Great card.

Jennifer E. said...

Cute card Sue! Love the stamped ornaments and your red,green and black combo!

Kecia said...

This is so creative and striking!

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