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A Fun Project

>> Saturday, September 18, 2010


I can't believe I just found this picture of a candle my nieces, Andi and Krissy and I made this past summer and I never posted it!! What was I thinking?

I love this technique of stamping and coloring on tissue paper and then using a heat gun to melt the tissue paper into a candle! It took me a few tries - and a lot patience - to get the melting down, but it's fun too! I think I could melt wax all day!

Andi and Krissy had the "job" of stamping and coloring our Butterfly stamps G115 and 119C and our KS Butterfly Greeting 604G. (I feel the need to mention that Krissy - now 12, is the "K" in the KS Butterfly Greeting because at 10 years old she helped me write it! Pretty Cool huh???)

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Ang said...

That is really cute!!! Here is a link to my blog. The very first card with the frog uses DRS stamps.. Wasn't sure how else to get it to your blog but through here..

Jennifer E. said...

How could you forget to post such an adorable project?!?!?!? I love what you guys did with that candle, the colors are beautiful!

Alicia a.k.a. Crafty Al said...

Such a fun candle and so glad that you were able to create it with your nieces.

Samantha said...

Cool project! Those nieces of yours are quite talented :)

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