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A bookmark by any other name....

>> Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome! I hope you're all having a terrific week so far!!

I think I'll start at the end and show you my bookmark project before I go any farther~

Here's the story that goes with it ~

I'm not sure why, but for some reason I always seem to be doing things last minute. Take this past weekend for example. I knew we were going to be at the Allentown PA fairgrounds for a stamp convention. I also knew I was doing a make n take or a demo. Not wanting to be rushing around at the last minute I planned several days in advance (this is good for me :) what I would be doing and what I would need. I'm not sure why I decided to change my mind at 10 pm on Thurs. Must be because I think these bookmarks are pretty cool!

I can't take credit for the folding of these baby's, but cutting them off square and attaching them to a giga scallop square is my contribution. My thanks to the genius for coming up with the fold and recognizing how it will fit on the corner of a book!

I'm hoping between my description and my blurry photos (it's not you :) you'll see how easy these are.

1: Cut a strip of card stock (or find a scrap, if you have one ;) that's 1 3/8" x 6"

2: stamp or decorate the center 3 to 4 inches

3: Turn paper face down and fold the right side at a 90 degree angle in the center. Creasing the edge.

4: Do the same thing with the left side - making center seam as close and smooth as possible

5: Apply a small piece of scotch tape to hold fold together.

6: Align the folded part across the top of your paper trimmer and cut just where the fold begins

7: Turn paper 1/4 turn and trim again. Note, that the fold is now on the bottom.

8: Attach this square to the center of a giga square scallop punch out, or cut out a square to fit.

9: This step is optional (unless you're a little OCD, like myself and need to cover the center seam ;) Cut a coordinating square of card stock 1 7/8" x 1 7/8" and after checking to see if any trimming is necessary, attach it under the triangle pocket

10: Sit back and admire a job well done! These are so quick, I popped out all 4 of these in about 45 minutes. If I didn't have to write this post I'd still be stamping!!!

This is a great project for or with kids! and just think, you can easily personalize the next book you give as a gift!

Happy Stamping!


Debbie Seyer said...

So fantastic! Love it, Sue!

Samantha said...

You are the master! Awesome project and a fun post!

Dawn said...

love this! the colors are gorgeous and the tutorial is love love it!

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

How cool is this! Love it, Sue! It's such a great little project.

Vicki S. said...

Sue~I love it,thanks for the great idea. I will have to try it next week when I have some free time!!

Jennifer E. said...

What a great "make n take" idea! I love the four you came up with, they look like so much fun!

Craft Ideas said...

It's an amazing idea. My husband reads books a lot, and I can make one for him. He will be quite happy to get one.

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