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There's still time...

>> Saturday, December 12, 2009

by Sue

... to hand make your Christmas cards this year. If you do it the quick and easy way. If you've read my posts before you know I like nothing better than a quick and easy card (that doesn't look it of course!)

My card today falls into that category. . The Christmas Tree Punch Star M900 is stamped and embossed in gold, then colored in bright Christmas Red and gold markers. I didn't score the back to make it really "pop out" but I did wiggle it a little as I sat in front of the TV to make it pop just a little.

The background was stamped on ivory card stock using Vivid Brown for the Simple Berry Branch P301 and Happy Holidays G725 sentiment (I colored the berries the same Christmas Red as the star) and I used a Vivid Vintage Green for the Pine Boughs K467. I also used a crumpled piece of paper towel and rubbed on a little Vivid Taupe and Peach dye inks amongst the pine. You don't even need to layer it on red as I did. Just stamp a folded ivory card and then attach the star!

Thanks for stopping by!


Cathy Indelicato said...

Very pretty - love that star!!

Jessica G. said...

This star image is so elegant embossed in gold; it definitely deserves to be the focal point! The branches are a great touch; it gives the card a real 'peek at the tree' effect!!

Jennifer E. said...

Sue, this is beautiful! No need to actually score the star, the way you've colored it makes it look 3D anyways!

Marisa said...

I just love how 3D the star looks. This is such a cute card.

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