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There's still time!

>> Friday, October 9, 2009

by Sue

Welcome! I can't believe how many cards we've collected in our card drive - You ladies ROCK!!! We can't thank you enough for participating and making it a success! You still have time to send in your cards and possibly win one of our prizes!

I went with more of a patriotic theme this week, and I must say this is one card I kinda hope I'll never make again! I like coloring as much as the next person, but this might be ridiculous!

Here's my card so you can see what I mean ~

Should I mention that the background started as a white piece of paper??

I started my card this week by cutting apart my stamp! Since the very beginning I regretted making the wording inside our ribbon stamp (G952) so large, making it difficult to ink only the ribbon. Well I finally solved that dilemma! Even though my stamp is already mounted, I spent a few minutes with my exacto knife cutting very carefully just inside the ribbon, removing the wording in one piece so that I can slip it back in when I want to. It's kinda like getting a new stamp!

My next step was making a mask of said ribbon stamp, then stamping a background with it. Then I colored the ribbons yellow and after deciding it's was lacking something, I also colored in the blue background. It wasn't even fun coloring! I then put the wording back in my ribbon and I stamped the whole thing on a separate piece of white cardstock. I colored that as well and cut it out. I stamped the "Soldiers of America" (L918) using blue ink and after trimming I dry-brushed the edges with red. After attaching the wording I used several pop dots add dimension to my ribbon.

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

WOW!! Sue, how inspiring!! I love this and how you've created your BG with the same image! STUNNING!

Jessica G. said...

Now that's dedicated coloring! Awesome result, Sue; the combination of sentiment and ribbon is perfect!!

Jennifer E. said...

Sue, all of the hard work you put into this card was well worth it--I love it! Such a neat idea to use the ribbon stamp for your background!

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

This is wonderful! That IS a lot of coloring but it looks fabulous. Great idea w/ cutting the stamp apart.

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