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Ahhhhh, Memory Lane

>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

by Sue


Let me start by saying that my card today is not a new one, but a blast from the past - one of my favorites! If I'm not mistaken it was my first ever solo blog post too! Definitely a way to get extra uses from some flowers stamps you already own!

Here are the stamps I used ~

Using black pigment ink and clear embossing powder, I stamped M660 twice, once on red paper and once on a shimmery green. Then I stamped just the large flower of K662 twice, both on pink paper, then stamped just the flower of stamp K582 once on red paper. Then I sat back and cut out all of my stampings and layered them all together, twisting and turning to get them just right. I added a white paper heart punch out to the front center and a large mirror card circle to the back.

Next I worked on the background - using H813 and versamark ink I stamped the flower background on a medium pink paper and colored the center of each flower with a glitter pen, layered it with white paper and then onto my pink card. After attaching my layered circle, it was still lacking something, but a little bling added just the right touch!

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane!

Now let's "ease on down the road" to my new "Pass it On" idea.

Two weeks ago I asked all of you to send in your best advice for dealing with "stampers block".
I'm pleased to say I got quite a few responses, which I'm going to list here. Several ideas were mentioned more than once and while I'm only using the first one I received, the blog candy will be sent out to each stamper, - Watch your mailboxes!!!

To refresh your memories (and mine too) here's the original post:

Our first topic is.........................

Stampers Block, Loss of Creativity, No More Mojo - whatever you call it, it can strike anyone, at any time. What's your solution, suggestion or comment?????

and here are your responses.......................

~The thing that always gets my Mojo back really quick is to start cleaning up my craft studio. I find things that I forgot that I had and then I get all sparked up to start creating something. Oh maybe what really does the trick is the fact that I would much rather be creating something than cleaning up a mess. (wink) - Linda B.

~I'm rather new, and this is appropriate for me too - trying to find where to begin. My answer for all this would be to take a chunk of time and devote it to just going through some "new to you" blogs. I love visiting the same bunch of blogs and there is always some great ideas - but when I visit new blogs, I also try to scroll into the archives and see what's been done a long time ago - and it never fails to give me some project or idea to work on myself. - Terri S.

~Look through my papers for one I would like to do something with, Check my BD book to see who's BD is coming up, If all else fails, I start cleaning house. That's actually when I usually get my best ideas. I stop when I get one and jot it down or else I'll just leave the cleaning stuff sit (bad huh) and go make the card. - Pat S.

~Look in the gallery at Splitcoast stampers-.... otherwise, just the internet and search. Never fails me :-) - Vicki S.

~Look at back issues of catalogs, take a walk through a card section in a store. - MD

~I resort to the Clean & Simple cards. I find that helps clear out all the other techniques that are running through my head. - Julie F.

~One of my tricks for lack of mojo is to come up with a color scheme. My tip for that is to go to Lowes or Home Depot and get a paint book. They show rooms with some of the colors of the brands they carry. Due to the fact that they want you to buy them and use them together, those colors of paper or ink will also go together. Once I have my color scheme, I usually will use one of my sketches from my sketch book but since it is with different colors, I love to see how different it looks. - Julie H.

Well, there you have it. You no longer have any excuses for not stamping :)

I'd like to try adding "Pass it On" to my post on the last Saturday of every month. Since I didn't receive any emails looking for advice I'm going to choose next months topic too.

I recently had a new stamper ask me about which paper cutter I use. It really got me thinking that as much as I use my cutter, it definitely has it's good and bad points. and if I was going to invest in a new one which one would I get. So, my topic is....

Paper Cutters, the good, the bad and the ugly. Which is which?????


Please send all topics/suggestions/comments and all Tips and Tricks to Please be so kind as to include your snail mail address for faster receipt of your blog candy!!

Huge, Huge Thank you's to all who responded to the mojo dilemma! I'll need a topic for October - do you have a question you'd like a little advice on??


Jessica G. said...

Great way to use mulitple stamps to create a whole new look! Fun dimension on your flower, too.

As far as paper cutters, I actually use two -- my Fiskars rotarry cutter for the big projects and because it never goes dull and my little Creative Memories guillotine style that I can keep close at hand for smaller pieces of paper.

Cathy Indelicato said...

Great post Sue - love that card!!

I too find the CM trimmer best for the small jobs and my Carl Cutters (both rotary) for the larger jobs.

Ryann said...

I'm in the market for a new trimmer too. I've used my Cutterpede by EK Success for about a year and I've loved it, but it hasn't been cutting straight lines since I've replaced the bumper pad that sits underneath the blade. I'll be interested in what others say!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous card...I do remember this one and all those stamps you used on it! :)

So many wonderful ideas for lost it!! :) I used a couple of different cutter for certain projects...when I have big bulk, I get out my Carl Cutter...for smaller single projects, my trusty Fiskar personal trimmer works great! :)

Jennifer E. said...

What an informative post Sue! Love your "Pass It On" article! I could use a new paper Cuttter myself, so I'm eager to see what you find out on this topic!

Miss Boo (a.k.a. jen70) said...

Stunning card! Love the layers of flowers and the bit of bling.

Vicki S. said...

Love the 'lost mojo comments', and thanks for posting mine!!
Great cards too.

Julz said...

I've missed a few days worth of blogs and just received a stamp in the mail today! Imagine my surprise! LOL Thank you so much Sue! I've already embossed and watercolored the image and plan to post something once it dries and I can turn it into a card! =) Definitely a great vacation surprise for me!

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