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Sunshine and Flowers

>> Saturday, July 18, 2009

by Sue W.


If you've been checking out our sneak peaks all week, it's finally time to zip on over to our website and see all of our new releases!!!! You'll want to check out the Card Gallery as well because I think our Design Team really outdid itself this month!

I myself seem to be stuck in a color rut. I'm simply loving the blue/purple combination lately! I just can't get enough!! I've promised myself that I'll work on broadening my color horizons!

Here are the stamps I used in this project ~

and here's my card ~

I just love this flower image! From about the second it became a stamp I've been picturing it stamped across a card, so that was the first thing I did when I brought "her" home. After creating a mask I stamped the flowers in the center of my card first, then after applying the mask, I stamped again on both sides of my center image. There's also a 3rd image on either side that's just barely visible. My next step was to color my images using my Bic markers. Then I stamped the Sunshine saying using violet ink, and then dry rubbed green ink on the bottom and blue in on the top.

Now for the fun part, I didn't have the correct size sun, so I had to fake it! I didn't even have a sun punch that came close to the right size, so I used a snowflake instead. I punched the snowflake using 3 different shades of yellow, then trimmed off all the cross pieces (which left points) I made the middle layer's points a little smaller, then used a swirl punch to cut out the center of the top layer, I attached the 2 bottom layers using 1/16" pop dots, then used some clear glue to attach the top layer. I love it when it all comes together!!

All that was left to finish my card was to stamp my purple layer with our lines o'plenty stamp using black ink and layer it all on a green folded card. Ta~da!!

Read on for another installment of:

Your Tip by Margie G. - In the current economy, we are all looking for ways to pinch our pennies. I don’t like to throw scraps of designer paper away. I toss all my small pieces in a basket on my desk and I occasionally go through it and cut all the scraps into 1” square pieces. They can be stored in any storage container with small sections: fishing tackle box, floss storage box, small storage system with drawers used to hold nuts and bolts, etc.

I use my “inchies” to make backgrounds on cards or scrapbook pages. Sometimes, I add small stitching with a marker to look like a quilted background. It is fun to mix up the inchie colors for holiday backgrounds.
My Trick - One of the problems I've faced when coloring an embossed image (using embossing powder) is that a regular (Tombo, Crayola, etc.) marker doesn't dry if you get it on the "lines". My trick is after I finish coloring, I turn my image upside down on a clean piece of paper and rub the back. The clean piece of paper isn't clean when I lift my image!! I sometimes have to move it around a couple of times to get all the ink off, but I haven't smeared an image in quite awhile!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!!
If you enjoy reading tips as much as I do, please consider sharing yours with us! I'll even pay you in rubber for every tip I use!!!!! Email me at - Thanks, Sue


Jennifer E. said...

Beautiful card Sue! I'm loving all your blue & purple combos & that background you stamped really makes the purple in your image pop!

Jessica G. said...

Great summer card! I'm a fan of the blue and purple color combo, too, and flowers are the perfect image for it!!

Cathy Indelicato said...

Love it - great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Sue, this is a beauty!! Those flowers really POP!! :)

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