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Happy 4th of July!

>> Saturday, July 4, 2009

by Sue


Thank You for spending part of your holiday with us!! I have a real quick project this week using these stamps ~

Here's my card ~

I wanted a little something different for 4th of July this year and since it is America's birthday celebration I thought the balloons were a perfect touch. For the U S A I stamped each letter individually and after embossing with clear powder I colored and layered it with both red and blue paper. Definitely a 5 minute card!

Thanks for stopping by - Have a happy 4th of July!

Read on for this weeks installment of...

Your Tip by Pat S. - I use sponge makeup wedges for applying chalks to large areas on non-glossy paper. The itsy applicators for smaller ones. Then after I have all the chalk on just a hint darker than I want the finished product, I tap off any loose chalk and finish it up with a clean make up wedge. I move it in small circular motions over the whole chalked image. It mutes the edges between colors and removes the remaining chalk which would come off on other items. The finished product has the depth of color I was trying for. (for glossy paper you need to use a sealer.)

My Trick - It's becoming more and more common to use only a portion of a stamp. Sometimes the easiest way to do that (when your stamp is unmounted) is to actually cut the rubber in 2 or more parts. My trick this week is that when I'm cutting a stamp into several pieces, I use a zig zag pattern between lines or sections so that when I want to put it all back together I know I'm putting it back so that it's centered.

If you enjoy reading tips as much as I do, please consider sharing yours with us! I'll even pay you in rubber for every tip I use!!!!! Email me at


Anonymous said...

Fabulous card Sue!!! Love the balloons for the backdrop on this fun patriotic card!! Happy 4th!

Jessica G. said...

Great card for the 4th! I really like how you created your own DP by stamping a single image in two tones and what could be more perfect than a USA in flag design? Happy Fourth of July!!

Jennifer E. said...

Love your festive 4th of July card!5 minutes!?!?!? No Way! This card has so much going on it looks like it took you so much longer! I love quick cards, Nice job on the letters too!

Dawn said...

This is AWESOME!!! You amaxe me at how you can take a stamp "APART" to create just the look you want! I love the backgrouns paper with the balloon! Awesome Job, Sue... you are the queen of rubber in my book!!! Happy 4th of July!

Lisa Schipritt said...

Great 4th of July card Sue!!! I hope that you and all of your family had a great one!!!! The weather has been great in RI...I just know that it has been in CT also...have a great rest of the weekend...your RI buddy

Cathy Indelicato said...

What a cool card!!

Pat said...

Great card. Thanks for using my tip.

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